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Get a structured head start to your medical career, at MIT Junior Colleges. A teaching pattern that incorporates elements from HSC, CBSE(NCERT) and various other material, to give you the edge in a competitive world.



Board exam: HSC


English,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Geography and IT


English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and IT





Saturday Study

We understand the impact that focused study hours have prior to examinations, which is why at MIT Junior college HSC + Medical integrated program we offer study hours prior to weekly tests that evaluate the learning for the past week. This can help you evaluate where you stand every Saturday, and plan where should you put in the extra effort to help you ace your CET/NEET.
Of course we won’t leave you all alone in the dark while you prepare for your medical tests, Subject teachers are present with the students on Saturdays, to give gentle guidance whenever and wherever required.

Monday Mock Tests

We understand that career goals need a focused approach to education, and we want to help you reach your goals. Students decide the tests they want to take every Monday between CET/NEET/IIT, we also have a cumulative test once a month to ensure that you get all the opportunities to help you take advantage of all the possibilities.

Periodic Grand Tests

The best way to get good at something is to do it over and over again. Understand all the nuances and opportunities. Self-evaluation is a great tool to help you focus your study hours and efforts that you put into preparing yourself.
MIT Junior Colleges gives ample opportunities for students to self-evaluate their standing by hosting once every two months exams in the format of Grand Examinations (quarterly Examinations, half yearly Examinations and annual Examinations)

A Race against Time

We are constantly running against time. Trial and error is no longer an option for success. Our integrated programs draws from many years of experience, to identify a Time allocation study pattern that works.
Here is how we divide the 19 months in our journey from stepping into XI Standard all the way to the date of the competitive examination.
1-7 Months – XI Standard Course
7-14 Months –XII Standard Course
14-19 Months –Exclusive Competitive Coaching

Our Results speak for themselves. Find Out what the parents and students have to say!

Not Convinced?

Here are some numbers from our programs!

  • Our Track sheets prove that we are capable of finishing the entire syllabus for XI and XII in just One year
  • Student answer sheets (box file) Students have been consistently performing better, and grabbing more knowledge
  • Chapter wise tests and results these numbers show that concepts are clear at the root level for our students.

School Timings: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Day School

We are not only bound by the clock! We happily spend extra time with any student who may still need help catching up with the batch.
Parent Interactions

We know you that as parents you are worried about your child performance. Which is why we would love to meet you after the studies and tests to talk and discuss about the one thing that is the most important for you. “Your Child’s Future”

Development Process

A child’s progress needs to be monitored, and the inputs adjusted to help him/her succeed. Take a moment to understand the step by step process we use below.

Positive Motivation

We understand that everyone has a different learning curve which is why we never impose our extreme programs on students, instead we counsel and develop the individual to help him or her find a suitable course and program.

If you feel that our program are what you need, Please reach out to us on the below mentioned Contact Information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

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