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Project Directors' Message

  • Dr. Pidikiti Nagendra Prasad

    The quality of Time spent by students at Junior colleges is extremely important for stepping into high quality higher educational institutions. At the same time there should be a smooth transition from schooling to college life. The learning environment, teaching & learning methods and interactions vary between school and college life. As a result children who are prepared for these changes only survive and flourish. Most importantly there will be an enormous pressure from peers, teachers and parents as well for students to perform and prove. Appropriate mentoring, guidance and support are needed for children to settle down and adjust to the new environment.

    The knowledge and experience of teachers preparing children to competitive examinations is also crucial for students’ success. We at MIT junior colleges are extremely careful in diagnosing and dealing individual issues related to both personal and academic issues so that children can have a congenial positive learning environment. Gulkul culture and serine environment that exist in MIT colleges, offer stress free environment for children. Most importantly competitive programme and curriculum are mapped taking HSC and NCERT boards into consideration in order to help children preparing for IIT-JEE and NEET examinations with ease. Separate tracks in different subjects are also planned and provided for weak students based on their background knowledge and capabilities to lay strong conceptual foundation so that they can also meet success at the earliest possible. In all, at MIT College we prepare children for life not just for examinations.

    Parents are most welcome to discuss and offer suggestions to improve the quality of campus life of children.


  • Dr. Asawari Bhave-Gudipudi

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