Vishwashanti Gurukul Higher Secondary School
Chichondi, (SHIRAL)


Premium Programme

In premium program we cultivate human values, Indian culture along with excellence in academic, sports, cultural, technical, media, arts, music, social, and political areas. To achieve this, we conduct various activities along with their prescribed academics as per syllabus of HSC Board Maharashtra State.

The activities we conduct for overall development of the students are

  1. Life skill training and Communication Skills
  2. Soft Skills and Personality Development.
  3. Awareness of current trends in domain specific area.
  4. Leadership quality development through various activities.
  5. Taking care of hobbies and interest areas through various clubs.
  6. Sports and Music.
  7. Career Counselling.

Based on subjects/branch selection we offer Premium Programme in following categories

  • A. HSC Science (PCMB) with MHT CET

    This option is suggested to the students who have not finalised their future plans about Undergraduate Course. by opting same, students will be eligible for all streams and courses like Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Paramedical etc (except Medical)

  • B. HSC Science Bifocal (PCM/PCB with Computer Science/Electronics/Crop Science) with MHT CET

    This course is beneficial to the students who finalised their area of specialisation. Students will be more focused and selecting the subjects according to their future field of specialisation.