Vishwashanti Gurukul Higher Secondary School


Integrated Programme

The students focused to be technocrats or medical professional need to study deeply the concepts of science and mathematics*. For various UG programmes in Engineering and Technology at National level need JEE (Mains) and in case of medical education need NEET examination to be scored with good marks. Our high end faculty strength and customised training according to students entry level knowledge and skill enables them to achieve success in these competitive examinations.

Based on subjects/branch selection we offer Premium Programme in following categories

  • A. HSC Integrated (HSC PCM or PCB)+MHT CET with NEET or JEE (Mains) Preparation.
  • B. HSC Integrated with Bifocal (HSC PCM or PCB with Computer Science/Crop Science) +MHT CET with NEET or JEE (Mains) Preparation.