Teaching Environment

  • Highly Experienced faculty to teach for JEE/NEET/CET, CA/CS/CMA Foundation and HSC board exams.
  • Excellent Customised Study materials with more than 250 multiple choice questions on each topic for JEE/NEET/CET.
  • Centralised weekly online and offline examination system on each topic with equal focus on subjective and objective exams.
  • Online Testing Platform with detailed results analysis of each student with special focus on Time management analysis.
  • Well planned study hours and doubt sessions for students.
  • Strong Integrated learning approach with focussed preparation for Board exams with competitive exams.

Best Practices

At our all VGHS we connect and involve the parent in the progress of students’ academics and other skills.
We are making our students aware with duties and responsibilities as a future responsible citizen of the country.
We identify and nurture the students’ talent and their area of interest and accordingly guide them for their career.

Infrastructure and Facilities

State of art infrastructure is the unique identity of MAEER’s MIT Group of Institution. We extended same across all our VGHS campuses. Huge sports infrastructure with almost all indoor and outdoor sports facilities at our campuses make the students life physically fit and enthusiastic.